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About Us:

As we have said elsewhere on this site, we just love attending Scottish festivals and Renaissance Faires! We felt we could enhance our enjoyment by actually becoming part of the action. Since neither of us are very good at the Caber Toss, we thought vending was the next best thing!

We started with Kelsey making some simple leather necklaces and children's belt bags. We expanded to include Sabrina's handmade glass, pewter, and sterling silver jewelry, some Celtic knives and swords and cast brass items from Crafty Celts, along with those ever popular ClipClocks! Sabrina takes needle in hand and creates Celtic-themed cross stitch. Because of the time involved in these projects the cost is quite high - hence the option of posters. We opened our "Web Store" for the convenience of our beloved customers that want to see what's new and purchase items between the the times they see us!

1/2012 - We moved to Texas and are currently limiting ourselves to that HUGE state!

3/2012 - Our home and business were destroyed by a tornado!

After the tornado (and Kelsey's marriage), we (Sabrina) decided to limit the business to online sales. You can check out some videos on our YouTube channel! I've listed some Tutorials here. (coming soon!)

Thanks for coming and visiting us at our home "on the web" today! We hope to see you soon!

Sabrina & Kelsey 


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