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Purveyors of Celtic Curiosities for the Modern Celt

Welcome to our home on the web. We hope you enjoy your visit with us here today, and we hope to meet you soon in person at a festival! Click here for more information "About Us," .

Sabrina & Kelsey Robertson!

Move your cursor over "Shopping With Us" and you will see "Handmade Jewelry & Gifts", That will take you to our Etsy store. "Celtic Gift Store" will take you to our shop of various Celtic items that we do not make. "Cross Stitch" will take you to a page of links for cross stitch resources.

If you click on "Our Calendar", you will be taken to a schedule of, not only OUR events but, any events that we may be made aware of. 

Every Tuesday afternoon at 5pm Eastern/4pm Central, Sabrina does a Facebook Live!

Check out our YouTube Channel! Sabrina is posting Tutorials there.

Tutorial name (coming soon)

Tutorial name (coming soon)

Would you prefer one-on-one or small group classes? Sabrina offers CLASSES in Jewelry Making or Cross Stitch in her NE San Antonio workshop! (a fancy name for the spare bedroom!) ;) Please click "CLASSES" above for available dates and more information.

There are several pieces of artwork in the form of paintings, drawings, etc. available on our page on EBay. These works are done by my brother.* coming soon!

Our "Contact Us" page is just that ... you can submit a form to us we will receive via email that you can make requests, suggestions, or just say hello!  

Looking for Swords or Sgian Dubhs?

Some Celtic Music Artists We Know:

Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans - Fun-lovin' Celtic rock and a wee bit o' the traditional!

Seven Nations - wow. Check out their site! We haven't seen these guys since Anderson, SC in March 2008.

Gael Warning - Love these guys! Celtic-Folk-Fusion. Fun!

Thistledown Tinkers - Acoustic Celtic music, "This is not the fragile, romanticized Celtic music you hear in movie soundtracks, but the kind that makes you sing along and stomp your feet." Hi Trip and Tom!

Albannach - Celtic/Tribal/In Yer Face!

We will be addin' more as our friends publish sites!

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